[Air-l] Antidigital Arbitrariness in Argentina

Eduardo R. Saguier saguiere at ssdnet.com.ar
Tue Nov 2 07:58:09 PST 2004

Association of Internet Researchers

Dear Director:
For your knowledge, and with the purpose that my allegation about digital arbitrariness and loss of academic freedom in Argentina be discussed by your Association, I herein accompany the electronic address of the Centre des Medias Alternatifs du Quebec where the digital issue is reproduced in its entirety. If you happen to know of any scholar or institution who might be interested in this particular issue, please let me know.
Sincerely yours.
Eduardo R. Saguier

Saguier, Eduardo R. (2004): Arbitrariedad Antidigital en el CONICET (Argentina), Centre des médias alternatifs du Québec (CMAQ),  mardi 19-10-2004; http://www.cmaq.net/fr/node.php?id=18554

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