[Air-l] Notes from AoIR pre-con workshop on Qualitative Research

Theresa M. Senft tqs1450 at nyu.edu
Sat Sep 25 06:42:54 PDT 2004

Dear AoIR'ers--

At long last and as promised,  I've  posted some notes from the AoIR 
conference on my LiveJournal. If it's your 'thing', please do take a 
look at my coverage of the pre-conference workshop on qualitative 

The URL is http://www.livejournal.com/users/tsenft

If you were at the workshop, I want to say up front that it was a bit 
of a daunting task to summarize the work of the 27 folks in attendance. 
I'm sure I made LOTS of spelling and content errors, which I am happy 
to fix. Just let me know.

If you were not at the workshop, but you think of yourself as a 
qualitative researcher, please stop by and add your info in the 
comments section of the journal. My hope is that people will use this 
list to connect to like-minded folks in their respective areas, so the 
more the merrier!

Those who read the notes will find that I've only posted material from 
about half the workshop. The second half of the notes on the workshop 
(including comments from the guest speakers) should be up tomorrow, 
hopefully. Then perhaps on Monday I can post my notes from the AoIR 
General Meeting.

Tippy tapping at the keyboard,

Theresa M. Senft
Auxiliary Adviser, Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Adjunct Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program
New York University, 719 Broadway, Room 519
(212) 998-7333  email: terri.senft at nyu.edu

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