[Air-l] Conference absenteeism?

cvb cvb at utah.edu
Sat Sep 25 16:00:46 PDT 2004


This was my first AoIR, and overall I enjoyed and appreciated the
conference's tone and rigor, and admired the sense of warm community among
participants.  I'm curious if AoIR collects statistics about the rate of
no-shows, and if anyone knows what the typical absenteeism rate is at other
conferences. I ask because I was unexpectedly the only person (of four) on
my panel to show up to present. One person did notify the conference staff
that she would be unable to attend; I hope that nothing serious had befallen
the other two. Is such a high absentee rate a fluke at AoIR? Do others have
any thoughts on this topic?

Cassandra Van Buren
University of Utah

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