[Air-l] Air-l] Seeking a cite on media convergence

Robert Luke robert.luke at utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 30 08:46:21 PDT 2004

Here are a few:

Jenkins, H. (2004). The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence. 
International Journal of Cultural Studies, 7(1), 33-43.

Poster, M. (2004, March/May). Consumption and digital commodities in the 
everyday. Cultural Studies, 18(2-3), 409-423.

McChesney, R. (2000). So Much for the Magic of Technology and the Free 
Market: The World Wide Web and the Corporate Media System. In A. Herman 
& T. Swiss (Eds.), The World Wide Web And Contemporary Cultural Theory 
(pp. 5-36). New York and London: Routledge.

McChesney, R. (1998). The Political Economy of Global Media. Media and 
Development [Online] 45(4). Available: 


Denise N. Rall wrote:

>Dear Air'ers -
>[NOTE - some of us are still writing up our conference
>papers as we write!]
>I thought perhaps some of the media scholars could
>recommend where I could look to support the theory of
>media convergence - I know it's been around for a
>while - but I wasn't sure if it was a proper theory or
>just something inspired by M*crosoft ;-)
>Cheers, Denise
>Denise N. Rall, PhD candidate, School of Environ. Science,
>Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW 2480 - Mobile 0438 233 344
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