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Ted M Coopman coopman at u.washington.edu
Sun Sep 12 09:01:26 PDT 2004

I'm happy to see that this is moving forward and applaud the steady deliberation on this subject.

Having been a book review editor for the American Communication Journal (ACJ) and later having my spouse, Stephanie, serve as co-editor of ACJ with Norm Clark, I know that getting an online journal up and running involves a tremendous amount of work and frustration and should only be undertaken with a firm grasp of what it entails.

I look forward to the discussion at AOIR and encourage my fellow members to start thinking of what they could do to help support such a journal.

BTW, I attended a gathering yesterday at my small local library as part of the September Project. We had an excellent discussion on racism in the aftermath of 9-11. I was happy that it was not just "the usual suspects."

Did anyone else out there attend a September Project event? How did it go?


Ted M. Coopman
Department of Communication
University of Washington

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Radhika Gajjala wrote:

> This sounds great Monica.
> I have a summarised report on the discussions that occured which will be going 
> to the exec committee (I will not be at Sussex myself - but hope to be at 
> Chicago) and will be glad to send it over to anyone wishing to look at it.
> In addition, I think you might be able to access the archives of the discussion 
> - but Jeremy is the expert on that.
> thanks and all conference attendees - have a great conference!
> radhika
> http://www.cyberdiva.org
>> Since early in AoIR's short life, there have been questions
>> about when, how, and whether we should launch a
>> journal of our own. AoIR does not have a journal of its
>> own. Most professional associations publish one or more journals.
>> Since May 2004 an online working group composed by
>> AoIR members has discussed thoughtful considerations of the issues
>> upon which the AoIR executive committee will base a decision.
>> Specifically, the group has:
>> 1) identified existing journals that publish internet research;
>> 2) Identified the possibilities for AoIR;
>> 3) For each possibility the group has identified the advantages
>> and disadvantages.
>> In Sussex we will talk more about the "AoIR journal":
>> - Sunday after lunch @ the BoF session
>> - On Monday afternoon, during the AoIR General Meeting.
>> You are invited to participate to the discussion
>> of this very important opportunity for the future of AoIR.
>> See you soon  !
>> Monica
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