[Air-l] Conference absenteeism?

Ted M Coopman coopman at u.washington.edu
Sun Sep 26 12:33:49 PDT 2004

I had the experience of coming to a couple of panels for a specific paper and then having the person a no-show, one panel even had only one presenter show up!

Still, I agree that AOIR is better than most, especially in people actually attending panels. I have had "death slots" (last half day) at NCA and WSCA and had 2 people show up. I figured with the mix-up on Wednesday night lodging that there would be no one there for my presentations (both were on Wednesday morning), but we had 13 in the first and something like 25+ in the second!! Talk about ending on a high note.

No convention or conference I have ever attended comes close to AOIR for the level of engagement and the intellectual exchanges, not to mention cutting edge, interesting research from different fields. Most conventions make me tired, AOIR always fires me up.

I really want to thank you to everyone who collectively makes these events so successful.


Ted M. Coopman
Department of Communication
University of Washington

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 lscheidt at indiana.edu wrote:

> Remember the hurricane in the US held some folks so long that it became
> ineffective for them to come to the conference.
> Quoting cvb <cvb at utah.edu>:
>> Greetings,
>> This was my first AoIR, and overall I enjoyed and appreciated the
>> conference's tone and rigor, and admired the sense of warm community among
>> participants.  I'm curious if AoIR collects statistics about the rate of
>> no-shows, and if anyone knows what the typical absenteeism rate is at other
>> conferences. I ask because I was unexpectedly the only person (of four) on
>> my panel to show up to present. One person did notify the conference staff
>> that she would be unable to attend; I hope that nothing serious had befallen
>> the other two. Is such a high absentee rate a fluke at AoIR? Do others have
>> any thoughts on this topic?
>> Cheers,
>> Cassandra Van Buren
>> University of Utah
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