[Air-l] Conference absenteeism?

peter jakubowicz peterjak_20 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 26 17:37:24 PDT 2004

Dear Ulla,

I read all of the postings regarding absenteeism at
the Air conferences, and the truth of the matter is
that the reason I did not attend this year's
conference is because it was held in September. I
don't know about other people's schedules, but I do
have a full teaching load and it's pretty difficult
for me to escape to a conference during term time. In
my opinion, if Air really wanted to have a full house,
then the conferences should be held between May and
August - a time when most academics have more free
time to travel around the world and give 20-minute
papers. Hope my 'two-cents'counts for a bit more than
a drop in the ocean.


Peter Jakubowicz
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

--- Ulla Bunz <bunz at scils.rutgers.edu> wrote:

> I would concur with Mark Johns that AoIR does fairly
> well with regard to
> show/no show panelists. I have chaired panels at the
> larger
> Communication conferences and also at AoIR, and my
> policy is to start
> right on time with the first listed presenter who is
> actually present.
> If the other person shows up along the way, then
> they will have to go
> last and deal with it if there is not enough time or
> less time for their
> presentation. Then of course, it's also my policy to
> a) indicate time
> throughout presentations, and b) stand up and
> eventually interrupt a
> speaker if they go over their allotted limit. I've
> been told that's
> rude, but I think it's even ruder to have one person
> present for such a
> long time that another has only a couple of minutes
> left. Already at
> AoIR we allot 15-20 minutes per paper. At the big
> Communication
> conferences you often have only about 10 minutes.
> Hopefully people who are interested in each others'
> presentations find
> time to continue the conversation during breaks or
> over lunch.
> Ulla
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> >I would be interested in knowing people's
> experiences at other
> conferences.
> My highly subjective and non-scientific reaction is
> that we do far
> better 
> at AoIR than some of the big conferences, such as
> the National 
> Communication Association. Yes, we had some people
> who had to cancel 
> because they were being chased by hurricanes and
> what not, but generally
> people were there, and even more, there were people
> present to hear the 
> presentations. I can't count how many times I've
> been in NCA sessions
> where 
> the panelists -- sometimes only two of the four
> scheduled -- merely 
> presented to one another. Cassandra, I think what
> you experienced was 
> something of a fluke for AoIR.
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