[Air-l] Each Dane sends 102 SMS messages per month

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Charlie and Merlyna,
These are fascinating numbers; what are the sources of these statistics (for those of us who'd like to cite them in future research)?


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Thanks, Charlie for your info...
This is interesting... I'm curious to know about other European countries...
Meanwhile, here some 'numbers' from Asia ... for comparison..
in Hong Kong, where 83% of total population are using cellular-phones,
there're only 23 SMS messages sent per month  per head on average.
Meanwhile, in China 124, Singapore 219, and Philippines 466 SMS
In Indonesia, telco company says it's 4 messages per day per head.. so in
average is roughly 120/mo...


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> In the first six months of 2004, the 5.4 million Danes have sent
> 2,958,045,000 SMS messages - or 102 per month on average. In the same
> period, the Danes sent 4,367,000 MMS messages.
> SMS messages are short text messages sent from and received on mobile
> phones. MMS messages are multi-media SMS messages, predominantly sent from
> camera phones. The use of SMS messages is predominantly a youth
> but SMS is increasingly used instead of phone-in voting and in mail-in
> competitions.
> Just thought you'd like to know  :o)=

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