[Air-l] Each Dane sends 102 SMS messages per month

Soraj Hongladarom hsoraj at chula.ac.th
Tue Sep 28 20:56:23 PDT 2004

Dear all,

I don't have the numbers, but in Thailand people don't use SMS that 
much at all. Right now it is mostly used for people voting their 
preferences in TV games. There have been talks about telecom 
companies raking in a lot of money when their subscribers send their 
messages for voting, the cost of which is much higher than ordinary 

Part of the reason why SMS is not popular here may be a technical and 
linguistic one. Thai alphabet system is quite complicated, so it is 
rather hard to type on the tiny keypad on the cell phone. There are 
more than sixty different letters for each consonant, vowel, and tone 
in Thai, so getting them all on the keypad is quite a task.


>In the first six months of 2004, the 5.4 million Danes have sent
>2,958,045,000 SMS messages - or 102 per month on average. In the same
>period, the Danes sent 4,367,000 MMS messages.
>SMS messages are short text messages sent from and received on mobile
>phones. MMS messages are multi-media SMS messages, predominantly sent from
>camera phones. The use of SMS messages is predominantly a youth phenomenon,
>but SMS is increasingly used instead of phone-in voting and in mail-in
>Just thought you'd like to know  :o)=
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