[Air-l] Cyberstudies/internet studies/online community studies grad programs

Kate Raynes-Goldie kraynesgoldie at cdnfilmcentre.com
Fri Apr 1 19:39:32 PST 2005

I'm  currently shopping around for grad programs where I can do internet
studies, specifically on social norms and the relationship between online
and offline communities. I'm looking to do this from a humanities
perspective, perhaps in communications. I'm going to be at Stanford to
present at the Online Deliberation conference in May, so while I'm there I'd
like to check out what kind of research is going on there and see if it
might be a good place for me.

Do you folks have any suggestions on who I should talk to or projects I
should look into while I'm there? I looked at the MediaX site and the
metamedia lab so far but haven't had much luck finding exactly what I'm
looking for...



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