[Air-l] Unit of analysis

LEE JENG HOON jenghoon at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 6 20:21:57 PDT 2005


As my literature review has progressed, I am sort of surprised of the fact 
that not many people touched on a basic issue in content analysis.   As you 
know, the Internet is a different medium from traditional mass media, which 
have distinctive unit of analysis.   Considering the web sites are 
interconnected with other web sites through hyperlinks, how can we determine 
the appropriate unit of analysis in analyzing web content?   Traditional 
mass media have ultimate control over the exposure of content but the 
Internet allows users to extend the content.  If we calculate the amount of 
content consumed by individual users, the actual amount of content available 
to the individual users surely exceeds ones carried by the individual web 
pages the users initially visit.

My question is what is appropriate unit of analysis in web content analysis 
if we want to reflect the actual content available to the individual users.

I hope I make myself clear here.   Any thoughts will be welcome.

Jenghoon Lee

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