[Air-l] Open source education & New Journalism

Niels Hendriks niels.hendriks at mda.khlim.be
Thu Apr 14 01:43:32 PDT 2005

Dear AoIRers,

A colleague and I recently started teaching in a course called "Content is
King". Our focus lies on the effects of the digital revolution on the future
of on line publishing and on line journalism. Together with our students we
are starting up a small experiment on open source-education. The outlines of
the course can be found on a Wiki-page which, of course, can be edited by

Topics dealt with:
I. Tools & History
II. "Gatekeepers no more"
III. From conversation to construction
IV. "We the media"
V. Trust - credibility - objectivity - ethics
VI. Power to the people

You can find the wiki-page on http://cmdstud.khlim.be/~niels/newjournalism/

I have two questions for you:
- what is your experience with "open source"-experiments?
- As we want to tap into your knowledge and/or experience: can you provide
new articles which deepen or broaden the scope of the topics? Maybe you can
point us towards a still uncovered domain?

Thanks in advance,

Niels Hendriks
www.c-md.be  / niels.hendriks at mda.khlim.be
Design & Media Academy, Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg
Tel. +32(0)476 24 29 45/ Fax. +32(0)89 30 08 59

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