[Air-l] Sources - online revelations and offline life?

Jennifer Martin jenn80 at yorku.ca
Sun Apr 17 12:38:15 PDT 2005

Hello all,

Given my problems finding relevant sources, I'm wondering if anyone 
might know of any accounts (personal or academic) of individuals who 
have experienced a revelation about their offline lives from online 
interaction, and especially online gaming. There's a fair number of 
examples Sherry Turkle's work, but I'm interested in some other sources 
to work with alongside it.  Specifically, I'm interested in accounts of 
online or virtual interaction that have somehow illuminated offline 
life and created some kind of conscious experience of a previously 
unregarded behaviour, relationship, or action.  I'd greatly appreciate 
any sources (studies, websites, journals, books, blogs) that might be 
on offer.

Thanks kindly in advance.

Jenn Martin

Masters Candidate
Department of Communication and Culture
York University, Toronto, Canada
jenn80 at yorku.ca

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