[Air-l] web browsing patterns and distributions?

Allan A Friedman allan at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Wed Apr 20 21:54:24 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I've been looking for information on web browsing patterns in terms of
page exposure.  Ideally, I'd be interested in roughly how many pages
people visit in a given time period and the shape of that distribution
(i.e. most people look at a few pages, but a long tail look at many
pages).  If anyone could point me to some any broadly applicable
information about how people "acquire" new pages (search engines, links,
email), I would be a happy modeler of user behavior.  I've found plenty of
user studies on browsing behavior *inside* a website, but I'm looking for
domain-level use for a project on trust mechanism simulation.



Allan Friedman
PhD Student, Public Policy
Kennedy School of Government

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