[Air-l] universal ethics?

Radhika Gajjala radhika at cyberdiva.org
Tue Apr 5 03:06:54 PDT 2005

>Hi all, I have had time to read the replies and thanks for brushing 
>up my ethics and legal studies with your comments.
>My point needs explaining. I chat at yahoo. Recently more chatters 
>are from Pakistan. Sometimes people do not tolerate them based on 
>their foreign origin. I started chatting with one particular person. 
>He always bless's me. I assume in his culture which I know very 
>little about this is a norm much like we in Canada might ask "how's 
>it going?" or "how are you today?" as a conversational norm. Just a 
>little detail.

when I was in Catholic school - we constantly blessed each other too.

We learned this cultural code from each other and from the nuns and 
teachers in the school.

We didnt have to.

I agree - this is more an issue of intercultural, contextual 
exploration (n)ettiquette - mutually negotiated -  than of ethics.

>I should not have put my question as universal ethics (blame my past 
>computer ethics course with Diane Dubrule) but rather intercultural 
>There are still so many people to meet on the Internet. Unicode and 
>XML as Larry Wall suggests will make it even easier to talk with 
>others. What was once an unrealistic  hope of cross culturalism via 
>Internet is I think becoming easier to access and more realistic. 
>Mostly because more of the world in "other" places is getting 
>on-line now. Lucky for me they know a little English. ;)

luckily for you indeed.


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