[Air-l] autoethnographic views on VCs

Ellis Godard egodard at csun.edu
Wed Apr 27 10:07:22 PDT 2005

Not to bash on you specifically, but just because I don't understand
autoethnography... What does "autoethnographic report" mean, and what
would be its value? The name alone sounds weak and unimportant. How
would one be evaluated? I can perhaps understand it as one "method" in
conjunction with others (such as listed by Radhika's advisee). But what
does it mean on its own, and what's the point?


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> Dear Air-l list,
> A month ago I've started work on my dissertation for the
> Communications and Multi-Media Design course I'm following.  
> So far it has seen many proposed questions but I've decided 
> on writing an autoethnographic report on my experiences with 
> the Internet and virtual communities as well as blogging and 
> how starting that blog shaped my research.
> The question I would like to ask you all is the following:
> are there any published works out there that connect with my 
> dissertation or any that I may read for inspiration and/or guidance.
> Many thanks,
> Chana Hermans
> Student Communicatie & Multi Media Design
> Media Academie Genk, Belgium http://afstuderen.blogspirit.com/
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