[Air-l] autoethnographic views on VCs

Radhika Gajjala radhika at cyberdiva.org
Wed Apr 27 10:52:30 PDT 2005

Ellis - I think this question is  a necessary question/discussion in 
light of how much "autoethnography" is used to justify anything 

And definitely it would help Chana understand hir project better if 
there is an attempt to answer this question.

Melissa and I have gone over this many times - why and if and when 
what she did could at all be considered "autoethnography" (which is 
why she is very clear that she does not claim to be doing 
autoethnography per se - but is drawing from class assignments which 
were attempts at autoethnographies by the participants in her 
research) - and it has helped me and her understand a bit more the 
whys and hows but ONLY in relation to this work - I would say she was 
talking about her e-merging selves in online/offline contexts - but I 
will let both Chana and Melissa speak for themselves....

(when I did my work and used my self in the way that I did - I was 
actually more coming from a feminist situating of self in relation to 
subjects etc - and at that time was not aware of a specific 
methodology known as "autoethnography" - I know now that performance 
theorists use it in specific ways)


>Not to bash on you specifically, but just because I don't understand
>autoethnography... What does "autoethnographic report" mean, and what
>would be its value? The name alone sounds weak and unimportant. How
>would one be evaluated? I can perhaps understand it as one "method" in
>conjunction with others (such as listed by Radhika's advisee). But what
>does it mean on its own, and what's the point?
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>>  Dear Air-l list,
>>  A month ago I've started work on my dissertation for the
>>  Communications and Multi-Media Design course I'm following. 
>>  So far it has seen many proposed questions but I've decided
>>  on writing an autoethnographic report on my experiences with
>>  the Internet and virtual communities as well as blogging and
>>  how starting that blog shaped my research.
>>  The question I would like to ask you all is the following:
>>  are there any published works out there that connect with my
>>  dissertation or any that I may read for inspiration and/or guidance.
>>  Many thanks,
>>  Chana Hermans
>>  Student Communicatie & Multi Media Design
>>  Media Academie Genk, Belgium http://afstuderen.blogspirit.com/
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