[Air-l] blogs and value

Sashay sashay at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 27 10:55:11 PDT 2005

Good points Alan.

The reason I personally catalogue online is because the tools blogger 
provides me to do so are much easier and more readily available from 
anywhere in the world than anything else that I can buy and install for 
private use on my own laptop.

The fact that my words are posted out for anyone to see is interesting, 
Yes it certainly does affect the style with which I write to some 
extent, but the private/public aspect of it is less important as the 
speed and ease of the blogging system itself.  Perhaps then another 
interesting point to explore in all of this is just that - the blurring 
or downplaying of importance between the public and the private, or put 
another way, between the personal and the public.


Alan Sondheim wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Sashay wrote:
>> What I'd like to see a study explore is the ego/vanity aspects of 
>> blogging. I blog, but I do it more to sort out my own thoughts and 
>> catalogue sites and interesting net phenomenon. I don t' care as much 
>> about whether I get readers or not. However, I suspect many do care 
>> and I have to wonder if the wholesale adoption of RSS feeds pushed 
>> out to people are an attempt to feel your blogging time is justified 
>> by ensuring that your message is getting out there.
> - Not to play the devil's advocate (which is some sort of a rhetorical 
> trope since that's what I'm doing) - I have a feeling perhaps even the 
> majority of bloggers would say the same. Why catalog online if not for 
> open readership? I think there may be a distancing effect here; I 
> remember a report years ago that the majority of workers who were 
> interviewed said their jobs were temporary, even though they might 
> have been at the same place for years.
> - Alan, blurring sociology with bad memory here\

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