[Air-l] IR conference reviewing complete

Mark D. Johns johnsmar at luther.edu
Thu Apr 28 13:40:00 PDT 2005

Caroline Haythornthwaite wrote:
> Now, the task of organizing who talks when! Looking forward to
> seeing lots of you at the conference in October. We will be
> working on the program organization, and will keep you posted
> on our progress.
	Just to add to your burden in scheduling, I want to offer a reminder of 
the now long-standing agreement (four years) between the AoIR board and 
the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research (CCCSIR) to have 
a panel at which to present the Carl Couch student research award at the 
AoIR conference. Deadline for our submissions is this weekend. We will 
have the names of the first, second and third choice student paper 
winners and their paper titles for you by June 15. I will serve as the 
respondent for the panel. For now, we just need you to hold a slot for 
us. This is usually a fairly small event -- we get a dozen or so people 
to hear the papers, though a couple years ago we had at least twice that 
many -- but it is certainly important to the students involved. Steve 
Jones or Nancy Baym can fill you in on the history, and of course, you 
may direct questions to me. Thanks!
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