[Air-l] Research Request: Philosophy of Design -- Full-text articles also welcome

Ken Friedman ken.friedman at bi.no
Thu Dec 1 10:31:02 PST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

This is a research request for articles and books on philosophy of 
design. This revises an earlier call.

I seek citations, references, and descriptions of articles and books 
in which philosophers discuss issues that can be applied to design 
process as well as articles and books in which designers and design 
researchers discuss or develop a philosophy of design.

Propositions and heuristic probes are welcome, along with references 
to full-formed or comprehensive philosophies.

IMPORTANT REVISION: Several authors have been kind enough to send 
full articles or conference papers. If you have articles or papers 
you are willing to share, I will welcome them and I will include them 
in the compilation.

Please send contributions, suggestions, and comments to:

<ken.friedman at bi.no>

with the words

Philosophy of Design

in the Subject: header

I will compile all contributions and post them to the list. I will 
also prepare the compilation as a small anthology in .PDF format. The 
anthology will include full-text articles for which permission to 
include has been granted. The author of each contribution will retain 
the copyright to his or her contribution.

Thank you.


Ken Friedman
Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design
Institute for Communication, Culture, and Language
Norwegian School of Management

Design Research Center
Denmark's Design School

email: ken.friedman at bi.no

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