[Air-l] media literacy (was: Re: Wikipedia warning -- Wikipedia is not a reliable information source)

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 5 10:50:22 PST 2005

See this site for kids about media for instance


sorry for those reading who don't like a changed thread email.

On Dec 5, 2005, at 12:01 PM, Sue Cranmer wrote:

> Hi
> This is a 'media literacy' question isn't it, about how people  
> develop their
> critical skills to be able to evaluate what they find in all forms  
> of media?
> Most of the research I've seen so far shows that young people in  
> particular
> are overtrusting of what they find on the web. We need programmes that
> develop these skills alongside those taught around tv, newspapers, for
> instance.
> I'm currently working on a European project called Mediappro which  
> aims to
> develop these kinds of interventions for young people.
> Sue

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