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Paul Jones pjones at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Dec 6 18:09:10 PST 2005

An ideal solution would be for wikipedia to set alerts for changes made to 
a page and have that alert sent via, say, rss to subscribers. This way 
Barry could subscribe to his page and be alerted to changes as they 
I'm surprised that that is not already in place in wikipedia. So surprised 
that I went to wikipedia to get info to sent to Barry so that he could 
subscribe. I didn't see any info on alerts. They do exist on some wiki and 
on most blogs. 

On Tue, 6 Dec 2005, Barry Wellman wrote:

+I take issue with 2 contentions made here.
+1. Defamatory wikipedia entries are only micro, so they can't hurt the
+BUT, they can sure hurt the individual.
+Supposed I put an entry about a mythical grad student named Dinah Bayd,
+saying she plagirizes her papers. This could harm her career immensely.
+DISCLAIMER: Dinah Bayd is a made-up name. Neither I -- nor Google -- has
+ever heard of her. If she does exist, I am confident that she does not
+plagirize. Neither I am sure does someone who has a similar name (and
+frequently posts to this list.;-)
+2. danah boyd contends that wikipedia entries are patrolled so often that
+they are self-correcting. I wonder. I certainly didn't know for months?
+that an entry existed in my name. It slurred me a bit, although not
+legally defamatory. It was finally corrected, but I don't go back daily to
+check it. Most of us are too busy or even more likely -- too unaware of
+Wikipedia to do such patrols.
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