[Air-l] Inquiry by LSE Masters student re e-dieting

David Brake d.r.brake at lse.ac.uk
Wed Dec 7 10:33:33 PST 2005

"I am curently researching the e-dieting phenomena, specifically,  
online slimming clubs, such as weightwatchers.co.uk.

This is a new topic and as such I have had difficulty finding  
scholarly research on the topic -- do you have any ideas of where I  
might look?"

I believe there is some literature on the negative aspects of  
'extreme' slimming clubs - pro-ANA sites for example but none of it  
comes to my hand. He's particularly interested in the commercial  
aspects but would also be interested in diet/nutrition articles.

Please email a.a.macdougall at lse.ac.uk or this list with any  
references you have.

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