[Air-l] Making gender complicated on Friendster

March Rosenbluth rosenm2 at rpi.edu
Mon Dec 12 12:15:35 PST 2005

There's been something of a movement on LiveJournal for at least a year or two to enlarge the pool of gender choices, I know.

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> Hi list,
> Not to keep bringing up Friendster, but I noticed something that may be of
> interest to people working on gender-related themes as well as social
> networking sites.
> There's currently a bulletin board post going around Friendster that is a
> petition to get Friendster to add an "it's complicated" option to the gender
> choices (which are just "male" or "female."  "It's complicated" is a
> recently-added option for relationship status).  The bulletin board head
> reads "Gender-make it "complicated" on friendster."  I have no idea how
> widespread this is - my hunch is not very, but I only have access to the
> bulletins of my friends, and three of them have posted it, so I'm curious if
> it's out there elsewhere.
> 1) Has anyone else seen this post or heard about it?  Do we know of any
> similar instances of user-driven system changes toward a >2-gender norm?
>  Has this happened before on Friendster or other networking sites? (I
> haven't seen it on Myspace, for instance, and I pretty much have the same
> friends on both sites)
> 2) Is "It's complicated" the best phrasing for an addition of more gender
> possibilities?
> Interested in any and all thoughts (take a break from grading/writing
> papers!),
> Lauren
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