[Air-l] I spoke too soon - some data re message board use

David Brake d.r.brake at lse.ac.uk
Sat Dec 17 16:13:27 PST 2005

I spoke too soon! Some data is available after all. More would be  
welcome however as there still isn't much!

Livingstone, S. M. and M. Bober (2004) "Uk Children Go Online:  
Surveying the Experiences of Young People and Their Parents" ESRC  
London. http://personal.lse.ac.uk/bober/UKCGOsurveyreport.pdf   
reveals that of 12-19 year old regular internet users 17% contributed  
to message boards (doesn't separate out 'lurkers' from 'participants'  

Survey data from Pew's first Teen and Parent survey in 2000 reveals  
38% of 12-17 year olds go to “web sites and bulletin boards where  
they can write their opinions about things”. Unfortunately, this  
question disappeared from (what seems to be?) Pew's only other survey  
data with teens in it - in 2004.

And while I think of it here are the other sources I checked  
unsuccessfully (but which other researchers interested in young  
people and Internet use may find handy):

Dutton, W. H., C. di Genarro and A. M. Hargrave (2005) "The Internet  
in Britain: The Oxford Internet Survey (Oxis)" Oxford Internet  
Institute Oxford. http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/research/oxis/ 

Roberts, D. F., U. G. Foehr and V. M. A. Rideout (2005) "Generation  
M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds" Kaiser Family Foundation  
http://www.kff.org/entmedia/7251.cfm doesn't seem to have anything in  

NetRatings Australia Pty Ltd (2005) "Kidsonline at Home: Internet Use in  
Australian Homes" Sydney. http://www.aba.gov.au/newspubs/internet.shtml

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