[Air-l] identity readings?

Nathaniel Poor natpoor at umich.edu
Wed Dec 21 10:41:17 PST 2005

hello group

anybody know of a good online identity piece for a 400-level class? 
20-25 pages? recent?

I like some of Turkle's chapters for this, but they're so old they talk 
about MUDs and such and instead of having the students focus on online 
identity issues they end up rejecting the entire thing because they 
don't understand what a MUD is and it is very foreign to their online 

so if there was something more recent...

something like "here is identity.... here is how online identity can be 
different and why"
(so yeah sort of intro)
but academic!

(yes, I'm building syllabi...)

oh, and something about facebook
they all know what it is (all the freshman at Albion had accounts 
within the first two weeks of school!)
but something that put an academic spin on it
looks at it through the lens of THEORY!!!!
something like that...


I hope everyone's end of term went well (or is continuing to do so)

^_^  ndp...

Nathaniel Poor, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Communication Studies Dept.
Albion College

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