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Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 12 08:49:37 PST 2005

A review of Wellman & Haythornthwaite _The Internet in Everyday Life_
(Blackwell 2002) in _Sociology_ 38, 4, July 2004: 641-643 says that "The Global
Villagers" article I coauthored needs more:

"sublating micro-narratival accounts of a global phenomenon".

Although I am always eager to learn, this suggestion is not in a language
I speak.

My spell checker was no help, even when I set it to "English (U.K.)". The
OED (2nd ed.) is no help either, as the first meaning of "sublate" is
obsolete and the second and third meanings are different from each other.
"Narratival," probably an offshoot of "narrative," does not even make the

I've asked the author of the review for a translation but received no

Hence, I look elsewhere:
Can anyone translate in whole or in part?


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