[Air-l] translation appreciated

Christopher Coenen chrcoenen at gmx.de
Wed Jan 12 10:18:04 PST 2005


at a first glance (and although I'm not fluent in English), I would say it's
some kind of English or Hegelianglish, isn't it? "Sublate" is probably meant
to be "aufheben" (Hegel; noun: "Aufhebung").

"Aufhebung has in the German language a double sense: that of preserving,
maintaining, and that of leaving off, bringing to an end" (Hegel, qtd.
Applied Grammatology 46; http://mason.gmu.edu/~bhawk/bystory/hegel.html)
So, you were asked to overcome and preserve "micro-narratival accounts of a
global phenomenon" - in other words: to apply Hegelian dialectics to these  
accounts. In these accounts tiny little ("micro") stories are told, in the
way stories are told ("narratival"), about a global phenomenon. 

You now just have to analyse (and thereby preserve) these small narrations,
consider inconsistencies and contradictions and integrate all of them into a
new and comprehensive explanation of the global phenomenon. I hope all these
tiny narrations and the stories themselves survive such a dialectical
treatment and wish you good luck!


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