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> Time to submit! ... and please circulate to appropriate lists.  /Caroline
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> Call for Papers - IR 6.0: INTERNET GENERATIONS
> International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of
> Internet Researchers
> Chicago, Illinois, USA
> October 5 - 9, 2005
> Workshops: October 5, 2005
> AoIR conference: October 6 - 9, 2005
> Deadline for submission of abstracts s: February 15, 2005.
> http://conferences.aoir.org/index.php?cf=3
> The Internet has been a rapidly evolving phenomenon, so much so that we
> may talk about generations of the Internet. With everything moving faster
> in 'Internet time,' we have arguably spanned many technological Internet
> generations within a single human generation: from the birth of computing
> to the first online communications; from the beginnings of email to the
> enriched worlds of chat, virtual worlds and mobile text messaging; from
> the workplace to home and school; from optional to all-but-mandatory; and
> from mainframe to desktop to laptop to mobile devices.
> We can also talk about contextual Internet generations, from the early
> pioneers who count themselves among those communicating online before the
> 1980s; to the early adopters of the 1980s in university and proprietary
> systems; to latecomers finding the need to adopt computing and technology
> use as part of their daily work; to the current and coming generations
> that will not know a time without a computer in the household, a mobile
> phone in their hand, and a lap- or palmtop and an MP3 player an essential
> part of their daily wear.
> This massive change in technologies, and in work and social practices
> suggests many avenues of interest for Internet research.
> We call for papers from a wide perspective of disciplines, methodologies,
> and communities. We invite papers that address the theme of Internet
> Generations including TOPICS such as:
> - Histories of the Internet: human, social, technical, and/or cultural
> stories and histories
> - Internet use by generation, e.g., by era of technology, by children and
> seniors, or by age of user, etc.
> - Individual, group, organizational, or community use, adoption, or
> diffusion of the Internet and its practices
> - Development in use of languages, new vocabularies, social roles, rules,
> and etiquette
> - Societal impacts of and on the Internet and its evolution
> - Perspectives on the Internet and social change in a changing world
> - Internet expansion across divides, borders, nationalities, etc.
> - Mapping the course of Internet connectivity
> - Prospects for the future: Next generation Internet
> We invite submissions for papers, panels, and demonstrations of work on
> topics related to the conference theme of Internet Generations. Sessions
> at the conference will be established that specifically address the
> conference theme. We particularly call for innovative, exciting, and
> unexpected takes on the conference theme. We also welcome submissions on
> topics that address social, cultural, political, economic, and/or
> aesthetic aspects of the Internet beyond the conference theme. In all
> cases, we welcome disciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions as well
> as international collaborations from both AoIR and non-AoIR members.
> o SINGLE PAPER (abstract max of 750 words)
> -- Single or multi-author submissions of a single paper on Internet
> research to be presented in a session of like papers at the conference
> -- Graduate student papers submissions must send a full paper to the
> conference organizers by June 1, 2005.
> -- All others are expected to submit full papers to the conference
> organizers by September 30, 2005.
> o AESTHETIC PRESENTATION (abstract max of 750 words)
> -- Single or multi-creator projects exploring artistic or performance
> aspects of the Internet; such presentations may run concurrently with
> other sessions according to the project
> o MULTIPLE PAPER sessions (abstract max of 1000 words)
> -- These are theme based sessions consisting of a series of presentations
> -- Full papers from presenters or from the panel as a whole are due to
> conference organizers by September 30, 2005.
> o ROUNDTABLE (abstract max of 250 words)
> -- These are panels convened for discussion of a topic relating to
> Internet research; these  are differentiated from multi-paper sessions by
> an emphasis on participant discussion
> o PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP (abstract max of 1000 words)
> -- These may be full or half day sessions providing in depth examination
> of a particular Internet research issue, and/or workshops on how to use a
> research method or software tool, and/or tutorials on a topic. See below
> for details.
> We strongly encourage submissions of proposals from graduate students, and
> papers for consideration for a special Student Award. Students should note
> their student status with submission. STUDENTS WISHING TO BE A CANDIDATE
> We invite proposals for a limited number of pre-conference workshops which
> will provide participants with in-depth, hands-on and/or creative
> opportunities. Proposals should be no more than 1000 words, and should
> clearly outline the purpose, methodology, structure, participant costs,
> equipment and minimal attendance required, as well as the relevance of the
> workshop to the conference as a whole. Proposals will be accepted if they
> demonstrate that the workshop will add significantly to the overall
> program in terms of thematic depth, hands-on experience, or local
> opportunities for scholarly or artistic connections.
> If you have questions about the conference, program, or AoIR, please
> contact the following people. Please use a subject line that clearly
> distinguishes your message for spam!
> Program Chair: Caroline Haythornthwaite
> <http://listserv.aoir.org/listinfo.cgi/air-l-aoir.org> haythorn at
> uiuc.edu
> - Inquiries on conference content: paper submissions, reviewing, paper
> organization
> Conference Site Coordinator: Steve Jones
> <http://listserv.aoir.org/listinfo.cgi/air-l-aoir.org> sjones at uic.edu -
> Inquiries on meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, conference site
> AoIR President: Nancy Baym, University of Kansas,
> <http://listserv.aoir.org/listinfo.cgi/air-l-aoir.org> nbaym at ku.edu -
> Inquiries regarding the Association of Internet Researchers and
> sponsorship
> Association Website: <http://www.aoir.org> http://www.aoir.org
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