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Dear All,

A shameless bit of self-promotion as my article, 'Digital Literacies of the 
Cybergirl' (about cybergirls / cyberfeminism / identity construction, etc!) 
is in this edition of the journal, e-Learning.  The journal is freely 
accessible online.

Kind Regards,

We are pleased to announce that the third issue of E-LEARNING (ISSN
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E-LEARNING (ISSN 1741-8887)
Volume 1, Number 3, 2004 www.wwwords.co.uk/ELEA

Editorial, pages 336-340
Guy Merchant. Imagine All that Stuff Really Happening: narrative and
identity in children’s on-screen writing, pages 341-356
Angela Thomas. Digital Literacies of the Cybergirl, pages 358-382
Neil Anderson & Michael Henderson. e-PD: blended models of sustaining
teacher professional development in digital literacies, pages 383-394
Sonia Livingstone & Magdalena Bober. Taking up Online Opportunities?
Children’s Uses of the Internet for Education, Communication and
Participation, pages 395-419
Kevin Leander & Barbara Duncan. Community Construction in the Virtual:
reconceptualizing joint action, pages 420-436
Literacy in the New Media Age (Gunther Kress), reviewed by Catherine Kell,
pages 437-445

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