[Air-l] development of social codes around a technology

Irene Berkowitz irene.berkowitz at temple.edu
Thu Jan 27 13:41:46 PST 2005

You could contact Janet Steinberg at Fordham,  she is an
expert in this area.

Feel free to use my name as reference.


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>Hello AoIR list,
>I'm at work on a MA thesis, and I'm searching for some
literature on the
>development of social codes around new technologies, specifically
>technologies of communication. Particularly I'm looking for some
>historic context--how did/do things like "phone manners"
evolve? How do
>we learn what's "rude" or "polite"? How did we decide that
all caps in
>email means "yelling"? How localized is the development of
these kinds
>of rules or codes? And are these codes constantly in flux or
do they
>ever stabilize?
>Any resources or places to look would be most helpful.
>Amanda Lenhart
>MA Candidate
>Communications, Culture and Technology
>Georgetown University
>Pew Internet & American Life Project
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