[Air-l] ICTs, Citizenship & Young People Symposium

Loader, Brian B.D.Loader at tees.ac.uk
Mon Jul 4 03:05:23 PDT 2005

May be of interest?

Call for Papers

Logged On but Disaffected? Young People, Citizenship and ICTs


A symposium to be held in York, UK 

26-27 September 2005 

Sponsored by Community Informatics Research & Applications (CIRA)

University of Teesside, UK.


Department of Sociology, University of York,


This small symposium comprises a number of leading scholars, policy practitioners and activists who are involved in the study and adoption of ICTs as a means to facilitate the active engagement of young people in democratic governance. It addresses such questions as:


- How can ICTs be best used to facilitate active participation by young people in democratic politics?

- Can ICTs become a part of citizenship education curriculum?

- What kinds of online interaction facilitate effective deliberation between young people?

- What kinds of ICTs are most likely to engage the hard-to-reach groups of disaffected young people?

- How can ICTs enable genuine respect and involvement of young people in national and local decision-making?



Keynote Speakers include: Stephen Coleman, Oxford Internet Institute; Ross Ferguson, Hansard Society; 

Raji Hunjan, Carnegie-youth Initiative; Sonia Livingsone, LSE; Brian D. Loader, CIRA, University of Teesside;  

Gustavo Mesch, University of Haifa; Zandria Pauncefort, Institute for Citizenship; Robert Watt, University of Essex


 The papers will form the basis of a proposed publication (possibly as a contribution to the Routledge series edited by Brian D. Loader). Selected authors may also be invited to submit a copy of their paper to the journal Information, Communication & Society (www.infosoc.co.uk <http://www.infosoc.co.uk/> ) for consideration.


The deadline for receipt of the abstracts is 22 July 2005. Abstracts, not exceeding 300 words, must be sent electronically to Brian D. Loader at b.d.loader at tees.ac.uk. The Deadline for receipt of full papers (not exceeding 7,000 words and with an abstract of up to 300 words) is 19 September 2005.



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