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Kris Markman jho-kmm at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Jul 8 14:09:29 PDT 2005

Ed Lamoureux wrote:
>I would add one a comment about a general factor that is usually in 
>play in US . . .
>However, as many of you know, one trades off HUGE differences in 
>So while NY, Chi, LA, Boston, DC, Atlanta, etc., charge high room 
>rates, the air costs for tickets to and fro (esp. international 
>fares) are so much lower that in the long run, attendees save $ in 
>the bigger cities.

Speaking of which, for those of you living in/near cities served by 
Southwest Airlines, they are currently running a fare sale, which 
includes Chicago. I just found a round-trip ticket from Manchester, 
NH (Boston area) to Chicago (Midway) for $185 including tax, which 
was better than anything available from Logan.

As a graduate student, I can certainly sympathize with the high costs 
of attending conferences, however, as someone who has organized and 
worked on a number of conferences and workshops in both large and 
small cities, I would second the idea that larger cities on balance 
offer a better trade-off between costs and options. Putting together 
conferences is an expensive undertaking, and I think that for an 
organization with a limited budget, AoIR does a great job in 
providing us with reasonable conference fees and accommodations.
-Kris M.
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