[Air-l] Re: Air-l-aoir.org Digest, Vol 12, Issue 13

Kathy Mancuso kmancuso at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:17:51 PDT 2005

Hi Peter and Gerald,

Well, I keep a blog at museumfreak.livejournal.com that is sometimes
related to disability.  There's a number of community journals on
LiveJournal which are related, but I think the highest traffic general
one would be no_pity.  Karen Nakamura, who studies the anthropology of
disability in Japan, also has one at
www.photoethnography.com/disability.  LisyBabe has an excellent and
funny one at http://lisybabe.blogspot.com.  The Ragged Edge, an online
newsletter (www.raggededge.com), keeps a blogroll and recently had an
article on disability blogging.  Gregor Wolbring (the STS
thalidomider) I believe also keeps a blog.

You totally took one of my future planned research topics (sitting as
I am at the intersection of social software and disability studies). 
But maybe since you're in Australia I can still get away with doing it
here.  That's the difficulty--every time I come up with something to
say, I do a literature search and somebody else has already said it!


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