[Air-l] Content analysis of the web

Klaus Bruhn Jensen kbj at hum.ku.dk
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This combined genre and content analysis of websites, coming out next 
month, develops a typology of functionalities in terms of their 
discursive forms and anticipated social uses, and may be of interest 
in the present context,

Comments appreciated - thanks,

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>My response is the same as Elizabeth's -
>Focusing in on the language (text) means using more
>conventional CA methods
>Looking at the website as a whole - well the only
>people that have generated tools for this that I know
>of are Noral Paul's team at the Institute for New
>Media Studies, University of Minnesota. They had a
>prototype - an analysis tool for looking specifically
>at online newspapers and comparing them. . . this may
>be connected to their current project in digital
>Might be worth a look. http://www.inms.umn.edu/
>POINT HERE is that the comparable units of the
>websites were each defined as elements, pulled into a
>qualitative database where the comparisons could be
>made. So each item on each webpage was selected by
>hand, tagged as an "element" type - etc. Then the
>elements could be compared from page to page.
>QSR International NVivo 6 is an interesting analysis
>tool for text but don't think it will work on .html
>unless cut & copy into the database.
>Cheers, Denise


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