[Air-l] cyberanthropology or cybersociology

Nils Zurawski nils.zurawski at uni-hamburg.de
Thu Jul 28 02:07:11 PDT 2005


try http://xirdal.lmu.de/.. it is in english and 
has some sections on cyberanthropology.. if you 
read German try to find Birgit Bräuchler 
"Cyberidentities at War" (2005) in which there is 
a good discussion on cyberanthropology and 


>Does anyone have any suggestions for articles or 
>book that address the distinction between 
>cyberanthropology and cybersociology?
>Does anyone have any suggestions for articles or 
>books that trace the introduction of 
>cyberethnography into anthropology or 
>cybersociology into sociology?
>Thank you in advance!
>Ida Veldeman
>student of social and cultural anthropology, University of Leuven, Belgium

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