[Air-l] Fwd: Second Annual Peoria Prize for Creativity

Ed Lamoureux ell at bradley.edu
Fri Jun 3 14:11:55 PDT 2005

Announcing the Second Annual $10,000 Peoria Prize for Creativity
Last year, creative teams of artists, engineers, scientists, and 
entrepreneurs from all over the country and the world competed for the 
inaugural $10,000 Peoria Prize for Creativity.  I am pleased to 
announce the call for submissions for the Second Annual Peoria Prize 
for Creativity. 
The Peoria Prize is a $10,000 award for a creative project that is 
produced through a collaboration between a person or persons from the 
arts or humanities communities and a person or persons from the 
science, engineering, or business communities. It can be a project that 
is rendered in almost any form. I urge you to present this 
opportunity  to your partners, colleagues, coworkers, and 
collaborators. Detailed information on the Peoria Prize for Creativity 
including a description of the prize and submission criteria can be 
found at www.peoriaprize.com. 
Creative teams with collaborators from all over the country and the 
world competed for last year's Peoria Prize.  The winner of the 2005 
Peoria Prize for Creativity was Hands Across the Ocean: The Lost Chord, 
an extraordinary project from the Digital Worlds Institute at Florida 
State University that involved 70 world-wide collaborators.  A 
description of this winning project and those of the other two 
finalists can be found at <www.peoriaprize.com>.  

If you have any questions concerning the Prize, its sponsorship, or its 
procedures, please feel free to contact me as per the information 
below. I can't think of a better community of creative people than 
those represented by Dorkbot and ArtBots and their constituents who 
would compete strongly for this Prize.   

The Second Annual Peoria Prize for Creativity will be awarded in a 
special ceremony on
April 28, 2006 at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.

Jeffrey Huberman, Dean
Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts
Bradley University
Peoria, IL 61625
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huberman at bradley.edu

Edward Lee Lamoureux, Ph. D.
Director, Multimedia Program and New Media Center
Associate Professor, Speech Communication
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