[Air-l] life cycle of online discussions: references? (was: SW tostore webpages)

J Sternberg netberg at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 6 08:01:19 PDT 2005

I think the reference is:
"The Natural Life Cycle Of Mailing Lists" by Kat Nagel
available at (among other places)

Janet Sternberg, Ph.D.
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Department of Communication and Media Studies
Fordham University

Rowin Young wrote:
> If anyone does know this reference (or other similar ones) please could
> they post replies on list, or copy me into them if you'd rather reply
> offlist - I'd be fascinated to see them.
> Thanks,
> Rowin
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>>hi all
>>I'm wondering if anybody can help me with a reference, this current
>>discussion has got me thinking about the 'lifecycle' that mailing list
>>debates generally seem to go through.
>>After a particularly fiery college mailing list debate, a colleague
>>mentioned he'd come across a paper somebody had written on the
> lifecycle
>>of mailing list discussions - it might have been specifically
> flamewars,
>>or perhaps just mailing list debates in general. It might have come
> from
>>IBM research labs?
>>Can anybody point me at this or any other papers on the subject?
>>all the best
>>Mark Gaved
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