[Air-l] Re: Delphi Method & Webdesign

Niels Hendriks niels.hendriks at mda.khlim.be
Tue Jun 7 12:40:49 PDT 2005

Dear List,

a week ago I sent a question on the use of the Delphi Method for Webdesign projects to this lists.

I wanted to thank you for all your replies.

One of the respondents, Mr Murray Turoff, asked me to post his reply to the list. 


Niels Hendriks
niels.hendriks at mda.khlim.be 

Delphi has been used as a way of gathering requirments from a large
number of potential users of a system and to give them all a chance to
compare everyone elses suggestions and then have the whole group rate
them.   I dont think any of examples of this application has been
published in a paper.

The whole Delphi Method book is on my website but more interesting is the paper:

Turoff, M., Hiltz, S. R., Li, Z., Wang, Y., Cho, H., Yao, X., (2004)
    Online Collaborative Learning Enhancement through the Delphi
Method, Proceedings of the OZCHI 2004 Conference, November 22-24,
University of Wollongong, Australia
this software could easily have been used to do what you are asking
about and if someone wants to put it up somewhere they can contact the
two phd students that wrote it, it operates in coldfusion on a
microsoft server.

this is located also on my website. http://is.njit.edu/turoff  
I am not in the mailing list you sent your message to and someone
copied it to me.  please do enter the above information as a follow up
on that list.

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