[Air-l] translation(locating materials)help needed

ecallaha at indiana.edu ecallaha at indiana.edu
Tue Jun 21 03:36:06 PDT 2005

I am working currently on my dissertation on cultural differences in graphical 
design of university websites. My research is based on a framework of Gert 
Hofstede; I am creating a sample of sites from all 50 countries and regions. I 
am looking at governmental sites in researched countries for lists of colleges 
and universities. 
Most of the sites are in languages I could read, or they provide English 
versions, but some do not. Therefore I am looking for native (or close to 
native) speakers who could take a look at a governmental websites (I have URLs 
for each country) and tell me, if the site has a list of universities and 
colleges, and where is it located - it should take no more than 5-10 min.  

If you could help me with following languages, please contact me off list:
- Arabic, 
- Spanish,
- Persian,
- Indonesian,
- Malaysian,
- Filipino,
- Thai,
- Turkish,
- Serbian, 
- Slovenian.

Thank you very much, 
Ewa Callahan

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