[Air-l] How is the Internet bad for us?

Isa Ducke ducke at dijtokyo.org
Tue Jun 21 17:23:12 PDT 2005

Another example for the danger of tracking down abused ex-partners via 
Internet: I have met an organiser of a women's shelter who argued she didn't 
want a homepage because it would help violent husbands finding the shelter 
where their wives are now; of course they are not listed in telephone 
directories. She didn't know, however, that some well-meaning person had 
already set up a website: with complete address, telephone number, photos 
(and a call for donations). Apparently, the violent husbands hadn't figured 
that out (yet), either.

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FR and similar sites also enable people to track down others who may
not wish to be  tracked down e.g. violent men tracking down ex-wives
that they have abused; parents or children tracking down those
children or parents who do not wish to have contact. Individuals may
be literally ex-directory (re phone directories, to protect
themselves), but may not realise they are not 'ex directory on the
Internet' until it is too late.
This is related to your stalking category, but maybe separate (the
individuals are well known to each other, whereas stalking is perhaps
more often associated with strangers).

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