[Air-l] SW to store webpages

Thomas Koenig T.Koenig at lboro.ac.uk
Sun Jun 5 10:41:44 PDT 2005

[Offline Browsing Tools]
Cox wrote:

>Webcopier is my favorite, but it's not free. 
I also use WebCopier, but mainly out of habit. I tried out: 
http://www.httrack.com/ and it seems to work just as well and is 
freeware. I will probably switch to that in the future.

Wget is another free possibility, but why make things difficult, when a 
free Windows based program such as HTTrack exists? No commands to learn! 
No tedious installation routines!

I also tried http://www.surfoffline.com/ once, but was pretty 
unimpressed. But then again, I have used WebCopier for years and was 
always satisfied with the results, so that might have tainted my judgement.



thomas koenig, ph.d.

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