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Women in Action
Call for Articles for Women in Action (WIA) NO. 1-2005

Women in Action, a magazine published by Isis International-Manila, covers a
broad range of issues affecting women globally, with focus on the particular
needs and concerns of women in the Global South as well as the problems of
under-represented social groups in the Global North. For its next issue (1,
2005), Women in Action will feature the theme "Cultural Diversity."

We welcome articles that discuss how women from the South and from the North
address problems pertaining to cultural diversity in relation to the various
aspects of ICT and media. We especially invite you to contribute articles that
bridge theoretical elaboration with practical implementation on the following

Culture in relation to Identity, Development and Democracy: 
-	How has the concept of cultural pluralism evolved from post-war
reconstruction to the rise of newly independent states to satisfy the
processes of globalization? 
-	What kinds of dialogues between state and societal mechanisms do cultural
policies reflect towards constructive pluralism?
-	Do cultural policies and implementations for the protection and promotion of
the diversity of cultural expressions reaffirm or deny the rights and the full
participation of women at all levels?

The accelerating interdependence between Culture and Economies: 
-	Are cultural goods becoming consumer goods in the guise of promoting
cultural diversity? 
-	Have the events of 11 September 2001 and the resulting conflicts between
cultural relativism and fundamentalism, secularism and religion affected the
production, dissemination and function of culturally diverse goods and services? 
-	Is the need for developing countries to participate in globalization
affecting our tangible and intangible heritage as a result of the
ambiguity/dialectic between cultural and economic value?
-	How can a balance be made between the rights of the owners of cultural
expressions and the rights of all people to access, enjoy, and participate in
-	Who are the owners of "cultural expressions" and to which "culture" do they

The growth of Multicultural Societies and how they redefine Cultural Identity: 
-	How are issues of marginalization, social exclusion, economic and cultural
rights being addressed within societies themselves and in relation to others? 
-	How do we balance cultural specificities and identities with more universal
-	How do the debates and practices surrounding international relief and aid
affect cultural approaches to natural disasters, HIV/AIDS, and armed conflict?
-	How do differing state conceptions on citizenship and sexual diversity
affect the rights of women, children and indigenous peoples?

We encourage you to submit photos, graphics or comic strips that may be used
for your article or for the issue in general. We provide a modest honorarium
for articles and photos or graphics that get published. Photos or artwork
should be in TIFF format, scanned at 300 dpi. Please zip the file before
e-mailing it. You may also send it by post.

Articles should be within 1,500 - 2,000 word range. Deadline for submission is
31 March 2005. When submitting an article, please indicate on the Subject
line: <Women in Action: Cultural Diversity>. Please write the article in Times
New Roman font, 10 pts font size, double space, and letter size (8 ½" x 11")
paper. You may send the article by post or by e-mail.

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