[Air-l] Ethnography vs. Ethnomethodology

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Ethnography primarily concerns itself with the prolonged study of a 
group of people. This generally involves immersion and  participation 
in their day to day lives in an attempt to discover who they think they 
are, what they think they are doing and to what end they think they are 
doing it. Ethnography may involve many methodologies to accomplish 
this. Ethnomethodology, on the other hand, studies activities of group 
members to discover how they make sense of their surroundings.  It 
specifically studies how individuals give sense to and accomplish their 
daily activities. It is not so much concerned with what they are doing 
but rather how they make sense of it.

Cheers Sally

On 31/03/2005, at 4:20 PM, Steffen Büffel wrote:

> Hi all!
> Thanks for the very helpful replies I got to my original posting(s). 
> BTW:
> Sorry again for the multiple postings. Turned out that our server got
> bambarded with spam the last couple of days. Instead of 200 000 - 300 
> 000
> mails per day it had to process over 800 000 emails (!!!) which slowed 
> it
> down quite a bit and gave users the impression that email were lost in 
> the
> virtual nowhere.
> Anyway, the replies I got raised another question for me, namely: What 
> is
> the difference between ethnography and ethnomethodology? Of course I 
> will go
> and check in the recommended readings myself but I thought that maybe 
> this
> is an interessting issue for the list as well.
> Cheers.
> Steffen
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