[Air-l] AOIR on AUT

Derek McMillan derekmcmillan1951 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 27 23:33:50 PDT 2005

LOL. I am amused by the idea that supporting AUT would be political but
opposing them is OK because it is non-political. This is doubleplusungood
doublethink isn't it.

FWIW I support AUT.There is an advert on British TV to encourage people to
vote It says "If you don't do politics, you don't do anything." and suggests
that if you are interested in the world around you then you are de facto
interested in politics.

I favour a boycott of Israel, not because of its effect of otherwise on the
brutal oppression of the Palestinians but because we do not have to be
accomplices in that brutal oppression and a boycott is a non-violent
civilised way to express that.  You have only to listen to the intemperate
language with which the Israeli right has responded - rejecting AUT as
irrelevant and in the same breath denouncing them as terrorists - to see
that it is having an effect.

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