[Air-l] Birth of virtual communities

Janne Bromseth janne.bromseth at hf.ntnu.no
Fri Nov 4 05:18:53 PST 2005

At 10:15 04.11.2005 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I'm looking for examples of virtual communities that gave bearth to
>other virtual communities. I mean that the members of one virtual
>community (a mailing-list for instance) decided to have two virtual
>communities instead of one. The first one is about a subject and the
>second one is about another subject (linked to the first one, more
>specific, for instance).
>Have you ever heard of cases like this?
>Many thanks.
>Emilie Marquois-Ogez

Hi Emilie -
My impression is that this is quite common; all of the 3 mailing lists that 
I have done in -depth research in relation to have given birth to new lists 
(and others that I have followed more on the surface): some of them to be 
able to discuss more in-depth in relation to a sub-topic on the larger list 
( for instance on both a professional forum I studied and on a political 
list). On another list for radical politics, there were huge disagreements 
on the discussion norms in the group, and the conflicts contributed to give 
birth to two new lists because members left the list; one women-only list 
and one other.

Two of the administrators of the lists I have studied started 'their' 
Norwegian lists after participation on international/north-American lists 
with the same topic, which is also another interesting pattern that seems 
to be common. (that is; more 'local' / national oriented lists have grown 
out of international/north-American lists from the mid-nineties in the 
western world, when net-access started to grow considerably in other countries)

Is this others' impression too?

Best regards

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