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Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Volume 11, Issue 1, October 2005

Sharing or Piracy? An Exploration of Downloading Behavior
- Robert LaRose, Ying-Ju Lai, Ryan Lange, Bradley Love, and Yuehua Wu

Where the Action is: Internet Stock Trading as Edgework
- Detlev Zwick

Corporate E-Cruiting: The Construction of Work in Fortune 500
Recruiting Web Sites
- Jun Young and Kirsten Foot

Web-Based Memorializing After September 11: Toward a Conceptual
- Kirsten Foot, Barbara Warnick, and Steven M. Schneider

The Antecedents of Community-Oriented Internet Use: Community
Participation and Community Satisfaction
- Mohan Dutta-Bergman

"For she who knows who she is:" Managing Accountability in Online
Forum Messages
- Charles Antaki, Elisenda Ardevol, Francesc Nunez, & Agnes Vayreda

Computer-Mediated Relationship Development: A Cross-Cultural
- Young-ok Yum and Kazuya Hara

The Influence of the Avatar on Online Perceptions of Anthropomorphism,
Androgyny, Credibility, Homophily, and Attraction
- Kristine Nowak and Christian Rauh

Special Theme: Culture and Computer-Mediated Communication
Guest Editors, Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks

Culture and Computer-Mediated Communication: Toward New Understandings
- Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks

Culture and Internet Consumption: Contributions from Cross-Cultural
Marketing and Advertising Research
- Marc Hermeking

Culture and the Structure of the International Hyperlink Network
- George A. Barnett and Eunjung Sung

Cultural Similarities and Differences in the Design of University
- Ewa Callahan

Intercultural Communication on Websites: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
of Websites from High-Context Cultures and Low-Context Cultures
- Elizabeth Wuertz

Polychronicity, the Internet, and the Mass Media: A Singapore Study
- Waipeng Lee, Trevor M. K. Tan, and Shahiraa Shahul Hameed

The Role of Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism in
Online Consumers' Response toward Persuasive Communication on the Web
- Wei-Na Lee and Sejung Marina Choi

Culture in the Online Class: Using Message Analysis to Look Beyond
Nationality-Based Frames of Reference
- Anne Hewling

"A Belief in Humanity is a Belief in Colored Men:" Using Culture to
Span the Digital Divide
- Andre Brock

Cultural Cognitive Style and Web Design: Beyond a Behavioral Inquiry
Into Computer-Mediated Communication
- Anthony Faiola and Sorin A. Matei

The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication is an open-access,
peer-reviewed scholarly journal that has been publishing on the
Web quarterly since 1995.


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