[Air-l] Internet adoption rates by country and age: data sources?

catherine middleton catherine.middleton at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 20 21:22:31 PST 2005

Hello all,

I'm looking for internet adoption rates on a national basis, breaking 
out adoption patterns by age. Any suggestions as to where to find 
these data would be most appreciated. I don't have a specific list of 
countries I'm interested in, at this point I'm just trying to see 
what is available.

I am aware of the OECD and ITU internet adoption data, but as far as 
I know neither provides a breakdown by age of adopter.

For anyone interested in this in the Canadian context, these data are 
found in the Household Internet Use survey, conducted by Statistics 
Canada from 1997-2003. It tracks household adoption only, so the age 
data refers to the age of the head of household rather than to 
individual adopters.

Thanks for your help.

catherine middleton
cmiddlet at ryerson.ca

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