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> Call for Papers
> e-Science: Transformations in the Conduct of Scholarship
> Special Theme Issue of the
> Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
> No less than a revolutionary transformation of the scientific  
> enterprise is claimed to be underway. A plethora of phrases have  
> been coined to describe this transformation: e-Science, e-Social  
> Science, e-Research, cyberscience, Internet-mediated research.  
> Whatever the term, observers assert that the very essence of  
> science is undergoing change, particularly through employment of  
> electronic networks and high-speed computers. The everyday  
> procedures and practices of traditional forms of science in which  
> most scholars engage during their professional lives are being  
> affected by features of e-Science. Although emphasis varies, most  
> descriptions of e-Science involve the following aspects:  
> internationally-oriented collaboration among researchers separated  
> by distance and using high-speed computers and Internet-based tools  
> for managing the research enterprise; for performing data  
> collection, archiving and analysis; and for disseminating findings.
> It is timely and appropriate to critically examine these  
> developments from the perspective of the social sciences. This  
> theme issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication  
> (JCMC) will consist of reflective and empirical articles that  
> examine the basic principles and features of e-Science and analyze  
> early initiatives emerging from this new approach to scientific  
> investigation. Abstracts of 300-500 words are invited that consider  
> e-Science initiatives and should be submitted by 1 November 2005.  
> General topics relevant for consideration include:
> *       Managing collaboration and communicating among researchers  
> separated by distance;
> *       Developing and using Internet-based tools for data  
> collection, analysis and visualization of findings;
> *       Archiving and providing access to data;
> *       Publishing results in an electronic environment.
> Reflective case studies are particularly welcome based on projects  
> emphasizing one or more of the aspects of e-Science.
> Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to prepare full- 
> length journal manuscripts (ca. 8000 words). These manuscripts will  
> be double blind reviewed. Pending the results of the review  
> process, up to 10 manuscripts will be selected for the JCMC theme  
> issue scheduled for publication in January 2007. An edited book may  
> also be prepared and include additional contributions. Below is the  
> schedule for preparation of the issue:
> *        1 November 2005: Abstracts due
> *        December 2005: Invitations to prepare manuscripts
> *        April 2006: Manuscripts due
> *        June 2006: Reviews sent to authors;
> *        September 2006: Revised manuscripts submitted
> *        January 2007: Publication of JCMC theme issue
> Please direct queries regarding this call to theme issue editor  
> Nicholas Jankowski and submit abstracts per email to:  
> nickjan at xs4all.nl.
> Nicholas W. Jankowski
> Radboud University
> Department of Communication
> P.O. Box 9104
> 6500 HE Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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