[Air-l] The future of mobile iTV

natpoor at umich.edu natpoor at umich.edu
Fri Sep 9 12:44:29 PDT 2005

Hi AIR people

My feeling is that initial usage of new media is the same as the 
previous media
upon which the new media is based, see for example the "wireless telegraph"
(later radio) and early telephone use (an offshoot of the telegraph) (go, the
telegraph!) (wireless TV is basically wireless telegraphy with pictures and
high bandwidth, right?)    ^_^

So I am guessing that initial use will be like with current TV combined with
current cellphones/mobiles and other wireless devices, because that is how
people are used to using these things.

Also pricing structures will, most likely, be based on these previous forms.
Possibly advertising supported content (broadcast TV in the US, gmail, 
etc.) or
pay-service (cable in the US).

I am not under the impression that "interactive TV" has ever been successful
(see the QUBE experiment in the US in Ohio, the famous but perhaps 
example?), although people are used to having more control over phone content.
There has been some excellent work on interactive TV that I have at 
home... and
can't recall who it was by (but HS knows if he wants to chime in).

TV is more passive, and normal humans don't make content. The web is more
active, we have to surf around more and click more and read more, and I was
just distracted for half an hour and don't recall where that was going.
Something to do with are people used to passivity or activity on their phones,
I think. (I think they can do both, but...)

Over time new usage methods and patterns as well as new pricing schemes should
emerge. Ok, I won't pretend to be an expert on the pricing side of things,

If it's similar to old media it is easier to explain to new users. Then, I'd
say, add new things over time.

Hmm, a Tivo in my cell phone so I can watch Desperate Housewives on the subway
during the commute!!! (no, I don't use the subway to commute) (I mean, I don't
watch DH!)

^_^  ndp...

Quoting Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu>:

>> Hi,
>> As you probably know, several network operators in Europe are  working hard
>> to provide soon TV broadcast across mobile phones.
>> I'd like to have your personal view (or just intuition) about the  future of
>> mobile or pervasive iTV from the user experience point of view: how  do you
>> imagine it should be and how you'd like to it be (applications,  content,
>> interaction modalities...).
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Anxo
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>> Dr. Anxo Cereijo Roibás,
>> School of Computing, Mathematical
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>> Faculty of Management & Information Sciences
>> University of Brighton
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>> United Kingdom
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